e-Cover Design Pro

Start Creating Your Own 3D Professional e-Covers

In minutes you’ll be creating awesome e-covers for your own products or for others …

That’s right, create e-covers quickly that will look professional and that customers will love to buy! We’re proud of the quality of our e-covers and are certain that you will be too once you’ve purchased e-Cover Design Pro e-Covers. We know that other e-cover packages (MOST of lesser quality), are selling for more than double what we are charging …

Personal / Sm Business / Web & Graphic Designers

We feel everyone should have the opportunity to design and create their own high quality e-covers at an affordable price. That’s why we are offering you our e-Cover Design Pro PS actions for less than two dollars each. That’s not a typo, we’re selling all the various sets you see above for less than $2 each! Other comparable cover action professional packages generally run well over $100. We’re going to try to keep the price down and continue to provide you with excellent quality at affordable prices for as long as we can!!

Buy e-Cover Design Pro PS Actions Today For Just $17

(We really don’t know how long we can guarantee this awesome price. It’s crazy!)

We also want to offer you a quality guarantee. If you’re not entirely satisfied with our product, just let us know within 14 days and we’ll give you a no questions asked money back guarantee. That’s a promise!

Also included is a detailed help file and we’re more than happy to help via our support page. That said, we think you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to create your covers with these Photoshop actions!

e-Cover Design Pro Requires Photoshop CS3 or higher