e-Cover Design Pro


Web & Print Product Shots

Your e-cover designs are ready for online and print use. Covers created with e-Cover Design Pro are rendered at over 300 dpi. This result creates stunning results for all of your online and offline graphics.

24 Useful Covers

eCover Design Pro provides 24 of the most popular Photoshop Actions to choose from. Create 100s of different combinations. No matter what type of e-product you’re creating, you’ll have the right cover at hand.

Create Covers In Seconds

eCover Design Pro Photoshop ecover actions are the fastest way to create high resolution 3-D e-covers.

Install eCover Design Pro In Just A Few Clicks.

Installing eCover Design Pro Photoshop actions is as simple as dragging them right into the action panel. In just a couple of clicks you are ready to start creating professional e-covers..